Welcome Back!
September 22, 2022
Welcome Back!
September 22, 2022

Beyond The Stars Nationals

Stellar Award

Studio Spirit Award

Thank you BTS for choosing us for this special award. We had a week! A week of emotions. A week of smiles, tears, jitters, laughs and more. We had a week together to support each other and other studios who supported us. We showed up with our CSDS gear on, but more importantly we supported each other and every other studio.

  • Alumni dancers came. It was amazing to have Ashley, Lexi Bee, Lexi J & Emily with us again. We are always family even after graduation.
  • Our prop dads are always there even if it’s not their child on stage.
  • Backstage moms were there to help anyone who needed it.
  • Hailey and Julie who were unable to dance due to injuries coming to support.
  • Cody, Jamie and Ondrea supported the kids on and off stage while the teachers who couldn’t come were on FaceTimes with great messages.

Spirit is what gets us through life. Keep that spirit kids in everything you do….




Beyond The Stars Battle

Invitations were given and we accepted the challenge! With over 40 amazing studios only a select few dances were chosen to battle. We had THREE plus our line and production battle! I remember the days when we just watched the battle without an invite. We were there to support others. It has been our turn now for awhile because this team of teachers, alumni and dancers have the passion and goal in mind.

Congratulations going out to the following dances chosen for battle

  • School Days – Ondrea
  • Anything Goes – Arianne
  • Burlesque – Alexis (Lexi Bee)
  • Make Your Life Spectacular- Amy

5th overall WINNERS “Make Your Life Spectacular“


Congratulations dancers & Ms Amy. 

This was a heartfelt dance that was felt by all. We were crying, the audience was crying and other studios were feeling it as these dancers told the story for Ms Amy. Such a beautiful tribute to her dad who was an amazing dance dad to Ms Amy. As some of us know – he is still teaching us lessons from Heaven.


5th overall WINNERS AND CROWD PLEASER WINNER “Throwback Thursday“


Congratulations dancers & Ondrea 

Production is always a favorite for us! Ondrea loves it just as much as the kids doing it. The theme is always a surprise and the kids can’t wait to hear the theme in October. This years was one of the favorites. Music was old school, kids wore their favorite 90’s clothes and THEY sold it with their energy and pure fun on that stage. Dance is so much more than how high you can kick – it’s about making the audience believe what you are doing and let them have just as much fun as the dancer. They nailed it! It was a tough battle and we are so proud!


5th overall large group “5 Stages Of Grief”

Congratulations dancers, Arianne & Ashley 


4th overall small group “Burlesque“

Congratulations dancers & Alexis (Lexi Bee)



Ultimate Technique Award “Burlesque“

Congratulations dancers, Lexi Bee & all teachers  with technique classes 



Invite to Battle “Burlesque”




Such an amazing opportunity for these dancers this week. These amazing dancers entered the title competition for their solos which included more then just dance. They took classes all week & had a pageant portion which included an on stage interview. Super proud. Ari, Krislyn, Sierra, Julia, Raelynn & Danielle looked stunning last night.

Special congratulations to Danielle Z for winning 1st place runner up for BTS title. She is a true role model to so many of our students here.