OMG!!!!!!!!! You won’t believe this!!!!We Are Going To Make April Tuition An Amazing Price Of ZERO!
I have said it before and things are changing minute to minute. So many of you have reached out (and I am thankful) in regards to tuition for April. At this time we are going to make April tuition an amazing price of ZERO! Yes, zero. The teachers and I will upload videos to our BAND apps (which you all should have.). We will even throw in a few live video zoom classes! We just want to stay connected, let the kids have the opportunity to dance and not have the parents stress over it. I would like to thank the parents that are still paying for April. Some have reached out and feel that they still have a pay check coming in and appreciate all we are doing. That does mean a lot to us. Rent is still expected, insurance has gone up due to “live classes” and so on, but for now we all dance. So stay tuned to BAND!!!!! Email me at or call 315-768-1020 with questions. Hopefully, we will back in the studio soon!!!! ❤️Ondrea